Manuel Garcia, Founder

Established in Nampa, ID since 2002, Garcia's Trailers was created from the passion of creativity in welding. Manuel Garcia has worked to become a very well known local by popular demand. As a mastered welder, industrial designer and commercial manufacturer, Manuel holds decades of experience. He is an expert in the art of metal framework and construction design. Manuel combines the elements of functionality and visual aesthetic to fine tune every detail of his work.


Garcia's Trailers was formed in 2002 to meet the rise of demand in the vastly growing area of the Treasure Valley. In 2005, it was transformed to accommodate for every customer’s needs. Earning exclusive certifications, awards, and newspaper appearances, the business strives to continue to fulfill a large need for commercial and recreational trailers inclusive of other metal framework requests. In an industry that’s quickly growing as fast as its demand, Garcia’s Trailers is there to help make any job easier.