Established in 2002 in Nampa, Idaho, Garcia's Trailers was founded in a small family's one-car garage. With an unlimited passion for creativity and welding, Manuel Garcia worked to become a well known local figure by popular demand. A mastered welder, industrial designer and commercial manufacturer, Manuel holds decades of experience. As an expert in the art of metal framework and construction design, Manuel combines the elements of functionality and visual appeal, fine tuning every detail of his work.


Manuel Garcia, founder and owner of Garcia's Trailers, has made a name for himself in the Treasure Valley community of Idaho. He began exploring the art of welding at age 19 in 1989 Los Angeles, California. He worked with his brother in a family business as a welder for iron works. In 1992, Manuel built his first trailer. With a feeling of accomplished, Manuel wanted to learn more to perfect the art of welding (including different types of metals) and construct different types of trailers. In 1993, Manuel moved to the vastly growing city of Nampa, Idaho, where he found an intensely large need for his newly found hobby. Whether it was business for landscapers, farmers, constructions workers, foundation companies, roofers, painters, and the local people, there were clients that desperately needed his attention. Manuel quickly invested in a small welding machine, emptied out his one-car garage, and from there began to build his business.  Although limited in resources, clients quickly built up and Garcia's Trailers was formed in 2002. In 2005 Manuel moved his business into an actual shop which included a home office to better satisfy the demand. Years ahead, Manuel has been able to gather up a small crew of workers to partner along for the ride. Earning his way through exclusive certifications, awards, and newspaper appearances, Manuel strives to continue to fulfill the large need for commercial and recreational trailers, an industry that keeps growing as fast as his business for the next move. 



The art of business in combination with creativity and skill has set the standard for Garcia's Trailers. The company has always been more than simply building trailers for people, it's about building relationships to better equip the community. 

2002 brought large leap for Garcia's Trailers when it moved into a new building and since then has progressively moved forward. The company continues to rely on its mission of growth and investment. Garcia's Trailers welcomes Investors interested to become a part of this ever growing industry. As a businessman himself, Manuel knows the importance of innovation and working together to create a better future.